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     Robinia series is the general name we give to the products we produce using Acacia wood. We designed numerous concepts and stories for different age range users.

     We used not only classical park elements such as slides, swings, seesaws and spinner, but also balance and climbing products that improves motor skills, educational activation panels, outdoor exercise equipments, competitive parkours are a part of our Robinia series.

     Due to its organic nature, the Robinia is suitable for the natural landscape and is an extraordinary complement of modern architecture.


     In the Fortress Tower series, we aimed to provide safe and playable games for different age ranges with slides at different heights and access contrasts. Fortress Tower has a vertical and hexagonal tower structure. 


     The Magic House series is an vertical design that we have developed to demolish the standard Magic House concept in children’s perception and replace it with the Magic Play House concept.

     In Magic House, we used comforting color tones. In the design, the images of fear in children’s minds are mockedly stretched and it is aimed to include children in a fairy tale with the help of their imaginations.


     Dog Agility series is designed to meet the exercise, training and play needs of dogs. The parkour gives them the opportunity to gain new skills. It fulfills the instincts to play. It allows them to throw away their energy in a safe environment, it reduces their irritability and provides socialization and strengthening of bonds between dogs and us.

     Outdoor Agility Series are designed to appeal to dogs of all sizes. It can be used either individually or as a parkour.


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