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In the Tree House, resembling a giant tree ball dominated by natural colors, having a vertical structure, a number of playgroups with high towers and extending up to the sky. It is achieved that the children in a house from a magnificent tree can play.

Different models were provided with the help of different transition elements and bridges, different end goals were created by positioning slide at different heights.


It is a high tower game series that offers the user a wide playing field and a feeling of freedom during the game thanks to the transparent general design that consists of a square pulley system.

In the Eagle’s Nest series, with a vertical tower structure soaring into the sky like eagles, was visualized by targeting the integrity of the design rather than the detailed design.


It’s a game series in which little squirrels hide in huge trees in the forest. By using wood and green tones, children are given the feeling of playing in natural colors.

The Squirrel House series is positioned so that children can easily reach them and it has a horizontal tower structure with activity boards that teach in a fun way.


It’s a game series that deals with details like funny ghosts, collapsed walls, and cracked roofs in an abandoned city.

In the Ghost Town series, where themed designs are scattered in different locations, a sense of curiosity is achieved in children’s minds to be piqued and a part of that story as it plays out in the story.


Activity panels are designed for children to acquire and strengthen general motor skills such as perception and movement development, cognitive development, emotional development, and language development.

For this purpose, they are educational game boards that offer interesting and stimulating activities for children. They encourages them to experiment and develop their creativity. They stimulate their desire to work with other children, bring children’s imaginations together on different levels.

All of these elements extensively stimulate the early intellectual development of children. Teaching through entertaining activity panels increases the children’s desire to learn.


It is a series of games inspired by the storehouses in our villages. We want to build a bridge between the past and the present by bringing these houses to today’s children. Traditional agricultural products and textures of wooden houses are mixed into the design of the series.

In the Village series, which consists of one or more houses, the passages between the houses are provided by bridges.



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